Holiday Season Pre-sale and Coming Changes

Pre-sale information is offering an 8% off coupon to all of the Early Christmas Shoppers out there. The only catch is you have to spend at least $95 and it will not work on FirstBIKE products.

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Coming changes

Changes to the reviews website are coming and fast! We are wrapping up a major overhaul to the design, layout, and content of this website. We will be featuring detailed reviews of all the balance bikes we sell on our retail website. Expect to initially see brands like: Strider, TykesBykes, FirstBIKE, Early Rider, and KinderBike to name a few. In addition, we will be featuring a crafty tool to help you choose a bike (which can seem hard given the number of choices) and all you have to do is answer a series of questions. We are currently scrambeling to get this project wrapped up before the holiday season.

We are here to help you

If you need help picking out a balance bike or would like to receive our reduced in shop pricing give me a call toll free at at 800-406-0501.

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The new Kinderfeets Balance Bike!

Check out the new Kinderfeets Balance Bike!  This bike is first wooden designed balance bike that we’ve found that has a footrest.  What’s really cool about this bike is they offer 6 colors that are painted with a chalkboard finish so not only is this a riding toy but your little one can customize this with their own creative artwork.

These bikes are very eco-friendly.  Kinderfeets are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and are handmade.  They use fast growing birch trees and each tree used to make a Kinderfeet bike is replanted.  Even the tires are biodegradable!

We also like the cushioned, washable seat, Good Posture Handlebars and the Airless Tires.  Check out the new line of Kinderfeets Balance Bikes.

Fall Promotion on

Well, I woke up to a 56 degree morning. Fall is in the air so what better time to run a promotion on We offer great brands such as Strider Bikes, Kazam Bikes, Kinderbike Balance Bikes, FirstBike,Bikee 1 Balance Bike and Glide Bikes.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to save on your balance bike at the Balance Bike Shop. To get your discount, enter coupon code FALL12 on the order page for 5% off all bikes!

Also, don’t forget a helmet. Protect the head!

To Brake or Not to Brake….

The most asked question we receive at  Unfortunately, we cannot produce a scientific paper or quote some really smart person that has the answer to that question, “do I buy a balance bike with or without brakes.”  What we can say is the purpose of a balance bike is to teach balance not braking.  I guess that would be called a braking bike.  However including brakes does add another skill your child can learn.  So what do the manufacturers have to say about this?


Glide Bikes, maker of the Go Glider, Mini Glider and Super Glider, include brakes with their bikes.


“At Glide Bikes, our Balance bikes have always included a brake. We test our bikes here in Wilmington NC with kids of all ages. In doing so we see that braking is an important part of the learning process. By developing the skill to stop we are readying kids to be able to transition from balance bikes with brakes to a standard bicycle with pedals and brakes.”
They go on to say….


“Kids that ride balance bikes without brakes are missing out on learning a crucial skill. Unlearning bad habits at a young age is hard to do, dragging feet on a traditional bike is dangerous, feet can get caught under pedals and cause injury or loss of control.”

Strider Bikes, maker of the ST3 Strider Bike, has a different take.
“….we’ve found for most toddlers it just gets in the way of learning to balance. Balance should be the number one skill when it comes to first getting on the Strider.”
They go on to say…
“The Strider Balance Bike is freefrom any cables, chains, sprockets, pedals or protrusions that can harm your child.”
Reading between the lines, they believe brakes and cables are an impediment to learning balance.
In our opinion, brakes are a personal choice and you should consider the age to the child and how coordinated they are.  If you are buying a balance bike for a young toddler, 18 months – 28 months, you might want to consider a bike without brakes; however, if your child is older, 3 or 4, brakes might be a good option.  Either way, remember a balance bike is about learning to balance so you cannot go wrong with your choice because they all do that very well.
Here is a list of bikes we sell at www.balancebikeshop.comand if they are offered with or without brakes.

BikeeBalance Bike – Without Brakes

FirstBike Balance Bike – Optional on some, standard on other models

Glide Bikes Balance Bikes – Standard “Controled band” brakes on all models


KaZAMBike – Without Brakes


StriderBike – Without Brakes – however you can buy a brake kit

SmartGear Balance Bike – Without Brakes


WishboneBalance Bike – Without Brakes

ZumBalance Bike – Without Brakes


You can also go to our choosing tab at the top of this page for additional information about how to Choose a Balance Bike.


We hope this gets you thinking about the topic and guides you towards a decision.  Let us know what you think.